With 25 years of paying attention,

our passion is to tell stories that matter!

What matters to us is that the stories we tell through film, from documentaries to micro series, that reinforce truths that are essential ingredients for our culture to thrive and that this will motivate our audience to pay attention and act on those things that truly collectively matter.

We believe that film is a powerful medium that can spring forth change quickly and effectively.  We do not take this lightly and therefore chose content, methods and people who hold this process in high regard.  


Our partners, collaborators and creators are likeminded, in that we intenitonally pick at the problems but we are also committed to find solutions. We have a deep love and respect for the journey, as there is no true end to any story, there is only a pause at the top of an inhale before the exhale begins again. 


We invite you to contact us if you would like to share, respond or collaborate.  Let's talk.  Link here.