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2021 Projects 

Check out the Sizzle for this newly released Web Series.  All five Episodes available below.  Link icons here to read the Official Pilot and/or view the Pitch Deck.  If you are interested let us know!

The Sizzle | Official Pilot | Pitch Deck
F-ing Hot web series

Lily is fired from her associate producer job on the trashy TV show, 'Racked and Stacked'. Without any savings, she’s forced to sell everything and move back to her mother’s house in Tucson. Making matters worse, her mother, Elaine, has turned her childhood bedroom into an Airbnb rental.

F-ing Hot S1 • E1

Fuck, Fuck, fuck

Lily decides to develop her own television series.  An industry “friend” convinces her to write something for the burgeoning Latinx market.  Lily asks Esme, a long-lost friend, for a crash course in “How to be Mexican.” Later, Eddie, a would-be Hollywood mover and shaker, shows up at Lily’s door looking for a mentor.   

F-ing Hot S1 • E2

frida & diego

Lily learns the truth about the father who abandoned her.  She decides to search for him but doesn’t have much luck.  Meanwhile, a hunky Airbnb guest unleashes Lily’s baser urges.  Also, Lily changes up her culturally appropriated show concept and teaches Eddie how to “lunch” in Hollywood.

F-ing Hot S1 • E3


Lily reaches out to Esme, chases after a fanatical marathoner, and worries about Eddie. While attending Esme’s birthday party, Lily makes a major discovery about her father.

F-ing Hot S1 • E4


Lily and Elaine mellow out.   A sociopathic Airbnb guest checks in.  Lily hears from her father and is forced to make a major decision about her future.

F-ing Hot S1 • E5

which way?

After pulling familial strings to get her “dream” job, the overworked, under-appreciated mid-Level director of a small-town Jewish Community Center, comes to terms that she must find a way out of this soul-crushing job without ruining her family’s good name and before she kills someone (or herself).

Searching for sylvia


2020 Projects 

DECEMBER 2019 - Short Preview:

This coming-of-age story about grit, fierce attitude and young talent, follows a five-member Tucson-based dance“crew” of junior girls training through the summer heat of 2019 to compete at their first ever Hip-Hop Dance National Championship.



The Drop Juniors

A Hip Hip Dance Documentary

The Story of the night:

The Story of  One Night


In celebration of the rich tradition of live storytelling, this short film features Kurt Rosenquist telling his cherished 25-year old story in real-time to a group of close friends during a dinner party.


I will be a sister to you

episode 1 • asking questions

A 5 minute film chosen by MOCA's 5 Minute Film Fest. Now officially Episode 1, Asking Questions', this updated short reflects the filmmakers continued search for an effective way to address the emotionally-charged topic of addiction.

2019 Projects 

Episode 2 - 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole' - focuses on the overwhelming experience that a family member, friend or caregiver of an addict goes through trying to help their loved one conquer the destructive consequences of addiction.

I will be a sister to you

episode 2 • Going down the rabbit hole

Healthcare 2021 



This PSA Video addresses the current public concerns around the COVID-19 vaccines including their efficacy, effectiveness, minorities, variants and much more.  Feel free to share this video with your friends, families and organizations.  It was created for employers to share with their employees.

Sponsored by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions