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Great Stories Come in Many Forms

What We Do

Frank Vision is a vehicle driven by Susan Frank to explore the many ways in which storytelling can be told and how it can impact our lives.  From marketing, furniture design to theatre, film, video, music and beyond, Susan continues to discover how these disciplines touch people by moving them to think more deeply about themselves and/or more broadly about the world in which we live,


Frank Vision Production has been creating film and video projects for over 15 years.  From award-winning short films to cutting edge web-series to budget conscious educational and promotional videos for non-profits, the key element that threads through all of this work is a focus on telling great stories.


Updated information will be added to the Film•Video page in October 2023.  If you link here now you can see a few examples, but many more to come.  In the meantime, if you are interested in discussing film or video production please be sure to reach out through our contact form here.   


Frank Vision is currently accepting projects that include project management and marketing oversight. Since 2010, Susan Frank has been working in various market sectors including healthcare, substance use disorder, and corporate wellness. Services include but not limited to grant writing, video production, social media management, marketing, community outreach, complex project oversight and more,  Contact us here for a quote or to discuss your particular needs to see if we are a good fit.




2024 FLYing Solo (new name coming) Info Coming soon!

Solo performance is a unique experience for both the actor and the playwright. For the actor, it can be a very vulnerable experience. They take the stage alone and must singularly engage an audience. For the playwright, the difficulty is in creating a fully realized, rich narrative within the confines of monologue. The intent of this theatrical undertaking is to celebrate the unique challenges actors and writers face when creating solo works.  A select number of original, previously unseen pieces will be presented with their only theme being that they are monologues. Please note that the actors and playwrights are local to Tucson or have a connection to the city.

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