Recent Film Projects

AUGUST 2019 - Short Preview:

This coming-of-age story about grit, fierce attitude, and raw talent, follows a five-member Tucson-based dance“crew” of junior girls training through the summer heat of 2019 to compete at their first ever Hip-Hop Dance National Championship.



The Drop Juniors

A Hip Hip Dance Documentary

The Story of the night:

The Story of  One Night

Official Traller:

In celebration of the rich tradition of live storytelling, this short film features Kurt Rosenquist telling his cherished 25-year old story in real-time to a group of close friends during a dinner party.

Film Website Coming Soon!

I will be a sister to you

episode 1 • asking questions

Here is the latest version of the 5 minute film chosen by MOCA's 5 Minute Film Fest. Now officially Episode 1, Asking Questions', this updated short reflects the filmmakers continued search for an effective way to address the emotionally-charged topic of addiction.

Episode 2 - 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole' - focuses on the overwhelming experience that a family member, friend or caregiver of an addict goes through trying to help their loved one conquer the destructive consequences of addiction.

I will be a sister to you

episode 2 • Going down the rabbit hole

DECEMBER 15 - Short Preview:
This special Preview was shown on December 15, 2019 at the Winter Showcase presented by the Drop Studio.  The the Drop Juniors and their family and friends saw this new preview for the first time with an audience of over 200 fans of Hip Hop and the The Drop!


The Drop Juniors

A Hip Hip Dance Documentary